Mantra Replenish Conditioner

Replenish daily moisturizing conditioner with keratin for all hair types.
Manufacturer: Mantra

Replenish is a moisturizing conditioner designed for daily use. The rich formula will provide an infusion of botanical moisturizers and keratin protein for reparative purposes. It also seals the cuticle to prevent tangling and loss of moisture, while leaving the hair shiny and smooth without weighing it down.

• Key Ingredients:  Rosemary, Golden Seal, Algae Extract, keratin.

• Directions:  Shampoo with Renew moisturizing shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Apply Replenish moisturizing conditioner to hair and massage gently. Leave conditioner in hair for up to 3 minutes and rinse completely. Towel dry and begin styling with your favorite mantra styling product.

Mantra Replenish Conditioner 10 oz.

Replenish Conditioner 10 oz.

Manufacturer part number: MREP10
Availability: 1 in stock
Mantra Replenish Conditioner 32 oz.

Replenish Conditioner 32 oz.

Manufacturer part number: MREP32
Availability: 1 in stock
Mantra Replenish Conditioner Gallon

Replenish Conditioner Gallon

Manufacturer part number: MREPGA
Availability: 1 in stock